Sexual Harassment: Methods of Preventing and Responding to it


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Harassment of a sexual nature is defined as sexual behavior that is unwanted and can be humiliating, offensive, or intimidating. It can be done verbally, in writing, or physically, and it can take place in person or over the internet. Sexual harassment can affect people of any gender and can happen to anyone at any time. Sexual harassment can be considered a form of discrimination when it occurs in an institutional setting such as a workplace, school, or university.

Understanding Sexual Harassment: The Impact on Dignity and the Various Forms of Unwanted Sexual Conduct

The behavior has the purpose or effect of either violating the dignity of the other person or creating an environment that is intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating, or offensive for them. Either way, the dignity of the other person is violated. This unwanted sexual conduct can take place face-to-face, over the phone, via text message or email, or even online. Any gender can be the harasser, and any gender can be the victim or survivor of harassment.

What does sexual harassment include?

Someone touching, grabbing, or making other physical contact with you without your consent is an example of sexual harassment. Other forms of sexual harassment include: making comments to you that have a sexual meaning; asking you for sex or sexual favors; leering and staring at you; displaying rude and offensive material so that you or others can see it; making sexual gestures or suggestive body movements towards you; cracking sexual jokes and comments around or to you; questioning you about your sex life.

Under the Equality Act of 2010, harassment of a sexual nature constitutes an act of unlawful discrimination

Methods to Protect Oneself Against Sexual Harassment

1. Make it absolutely clear that the prevention of sexual harassment is a top priority for the company. In recent years, numerous allegations of sexual harassment have been brought to light, which has led to the rise of the #MeToo movement.

2. Ensure that both employees and management are aware of the meaning of the term "sexual harassment." It might appear as though the definition of sexual harassment in the workplace should be self-explanatory.

3. Maintain a constructive attitude during prevention training for sexual harassment

Preventing and Responding to Sexual Harassment in Housing: The Obligations of Housing Providers and the Fears of Female Tenants

Housing providers have a responsibility to take preventative measures to eliminate the possibility of sexual harassment occurring on their properties. In the event that they are the target of sexual harassment, they are obligated to take immediate action to intervene and respond in an appropriate manner. Women may not report sexual harassment because they fear retribution, being evicted, or concerns about their physical safety, the safety of their families, and/or the safety of their personal belongings.

Education providers can aid in the prevention of sexual and gender-based harassment before it occurs by doing the following

1. demonstrating a definite attitude of intolerance toward sexual and gender-based harassment

2. demonstrating a resolute intolerance for any form of discrimination based on a person's sexual orientation, including homophobic harassment and intimidation

3. putting in place an effective policy against harassment based on sexual orientation or gender and ensuring that every student is aware of its existence.

Complaints Regarding Sexual Harassment and How to Handle Them

Start your inquiries as soon as possible. After receiving the complaint, initiate the investigation as quickly as possible, preferably on the same day it was received. Consider the consequences of inaction. Determine whether immediate or interim action is required, such as placing the alleged harasser on temporary leave or taking other measures to ensure the safety of the complaining employee. If immediate action is required, decide whether this action should be taken immediately or in the interim.

Hostile Environment Harassment

Harassment that takes place in a hostile environment occurs when an employee is subjected to discrimination or harassment that is both so severe and so pervasive that it prevents the employee from performing their job duties effectively. It is possible for an employee to be harassed and discriminated against by multiple parties at the same time. This type of harassment can take many forms, including being threatening, offensive, intimidating, or humiliating.

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